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As Nittel is located directly on the Moselle with its beautiful Moselle cycle route, there's nothing standing in the way of enjoying an active cycling holiday beyond the national borders or an excursion to Nittel by bike.


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Whether you prefer to cycle leisurely along the Moselle cycle route or speed through woods and meadows on a mountain bike, several options are available for cycling tours starting in Nittel. And there is a lot to see and experience on the way. The Moselle cycle route stretches from Koblenz to the French town of Thionville and leads mainly along the Moselle on tarred or paved paths. It is one of the most popular Top 10 long-distance cycle routes in Germany (ADFC cycle tour analysis 2010). With the free «Lauschtour-App» you can follow the audio tour «Listening points on the Moselle cycle route» during your journey.

In Konz, where the Saar flows into the Moselle, you can switch to the Saar cycle route which, in turn, leads to France. A special highlight here is the Saar loop near Mettlach. Both the Moselle and Saar cycle routes can be mastered without encountering any steep inclines.

Suggested tours

Nittel – Wormeldingen

approx. 22 km – easy

From Nittel you join the Moselle cycle route on the German side heading towards Wincheringen and cross the bridge to Wormeldingen-Luxembourg. In Luxembourg, you then either cycle on farm roads in the vineyards or along the Moselle cycle route, following the Moselle back towards Grevenmacher, where you cross the bridge back to Germany to return to Nittel.

Three-river tour

approx. 53 km – moderately difficult
(Tour suggested by Saar-Upper Moselle Tourist Board)

From Nittel, take the Moselle cycle route in the direction of Wincheringen and cross the bridge there to Wormeldingen Luxembourg. In Luxembourg, you then travel via Lenningen, Ehnen, Canach, Kavishoff-Schuttrange, Schuttrange, Uebersyren, Mensdorf, Roodt-sur-Syre, Olingen-Betzdorf and Hageldorf towards Biwer and Wecker, Manternach, Mertert and to Wasserbillig to the Moselle ferry «Santa Maria II». You then take the ferry across the Moselle to Oberbillig (D). From there you follow the Moselle cycle route back to Nittel.

Route description

Moselle and Saar cycle route

approx. 72 km – difficult
(Tour suggested by Saar-Upper Moselle Tourist Board)

From Nittel you take the Moselle cycle route to Konz then switch to the Saar cycle route in the direction of Saarburg. In Saarburg, we recommend taking a stroll through the old town at the waterfall and to the Saarburger Burg. From Saarburg, you return to the Moselle cycle route via Trassem, Kollesleuken, Faha, Kesslingen, Oberleuken, Borg, Butzdorf, Tettingen, Nennig and Remich. You then follow the Moselle cycle route back to Nittel via Palzem and Wehr.

Route description


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Nittel Information

Zollstraße 1, 54453 Nittel


In Nittel village bakery you can find all important information such as hiking maps and brochures as well as details of events in the region.