Heimat- und Verkehrsverein Nittel e.V.

The Heimat- und Verkehrsverein Nittel e.V. consists of 70 members and 9 dedicated Board Members who work tirelessly on improving the quality of life and experiences in Nittel, Köllig and Rehlingen. On the one hand they do this for the residents themselves, and on the other hand for the visitors and guests who come to Nittel in large numbers every year: In 2017, for example, guests racked up 44,000 overnight stays.


Heimat- und Verkehrsverein Nittel e.V.


Hans-Georg Merkel u.a.


3 countries 3 days

The association realizes projects of its own, but also provides support for others within the local community. These can be associations, private initiatives or the local community itself.

The Board is made up as follows:

1st chairperson Ines Krienke
2nd chairperson Marcel Befort
Treasurer Karin Olthoff
Secretary Elke Ries
1st committee member Monika Truntschka
2nd committee member Beate Greif
3rd committee member Anna Apel
4th committee member Bernd Frieden
5th committee member Dina Valerie

The Wine Trail Festival

Every Easter Saturday, the association holds the Wine Trail Festival together with the winegrowers of Nittel. This event enjoys huge popularity across the nation. The proceeds from this event are invested in subsequent projects.

The wine trail / signage

The wine educational trail was developed and built by the association. It is regularly updated by the members and cleaned and maintained as part of the Wine Trail Festival.

Projects in the area of signage, guidance systems and their aesthetic upgrading are currently being discussed by the Board.

The stele at the newly designed «Broudermännchesbur» is the first prototype of a new marking system for interesting places in Nittel. The redesign of the fountain was professionally implemented by the «Jungrentnern», a private initiative, and supported by the association with this signage.


All local hiking trails and their markings are regularly checked by«hiking sponsors» and redesigned from time to time. The association finances the path markings and regularly develops new hiking trails.

The association also supports the various private initiatives in the maintenance and purchase of new equipment such as benches, parasols and dog toilets. The seasonal design of the village square and the summer vegetation by the stream and waterfall are also part of this support.

Communication und information

For many years now, the association has been producing the «Nittel-Info» brochure which features all kinds of information about the village. In addition to the editorial work, the association also organizes the design and printing.

Furthermore, the village bakery in Weinstraße/corner of Zollstraße is currently being supplied by the association with informative material such as hiking maps, flyers about excursion destinations in the area and postcards. Since summer 2019, the premises of Nittel-Info in the hotel are unfortunately no longer in use. The association is currently also looking for an alternative solution here in order to be able to reopen a proper tourist information office.

In 2017, a new project arose − for a modern website for the local community of Nittel, the website which you are currently visiting. At the same time, a positioning was developed in this project (enjoying life in the three-country triangle), a new logo was designed, a small guide for the design of all advertising material was created and photos which reflect the Nittel lifestyle were conceptualized and taken on several days in summer 2018. The result is a new website that meets the latest technical requirements.

There are still many ideas that will be implemented step-by-step and make Nittel more and more attractive.

Wetter in Nittel


Nittel Information

Zollstraße 1, 54453 Nittel


In Nittel village bakery you can find all important information such as hiking maps and brochures as well as details of events in the region.