Nittel an der Mosel – enjoying life in the three-country triangle

Nittel is a thriving village on the Upper Moselle, but what makes Nittel such an interesting place to live? Is it the location on the Moselle and on the border with Luxembourg, is it the vineyards surrounding the village or is it the people from 45 nations who live here? It is probably a combination of all these factors.


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3 countries 3 days

The most beautiful and impressive encounter with Nittel is when you approach from the direction of Saarburg/ Fisch, when your first sight is of the Sankt Rochuskapelle near the district of Köllig. It towers above Nittel and, in autumn, when a band of fog winds its way through the Moselle valley, the chapel looks simply spectacular as it «floats among the clouds».

You can also receive an striking welcome approaching from the south, from the direction of France, when you can enjoy a view of the village extending below the limestone rock chain. These rocks not only look great, they also offer a habitat to many plants and animals and can store heat, which means that the wines growing there experience an almost Mediterranean climate.

The Upper Moselle is the largest wine growing area for Elbling wine in Europe, but the wine offerings are also characterized by many Burgundy wines. The lovingly designed educational wine trail provides information about the work in the vineyards and the various grape varieties, as well as providing a wonderful view of the Moselle valley towards the south.
As well as wine tastings and wine hikes, the many wineries in the village and in the districts of Rehlingen and Köllig offer culinary delights in the form of restaurants or wine taverns. Visitors can also find a a place to stop for the night in guest rooms, holiday apartments or in the local hotels. Nittel is an ideal starting point for excursions to Luxembourg, France or Trier, as all destinations can be reached by car, train or bus in just 30 minutes.

It goes without saying that wine growing is a strong feature of Nittel, but the many nationalities of the people who live here also make life interesting and exciting. People here live life at the heart of Europe. The many associations enliven Nittel in a special way and offer many children and young people a wide range of leisure and sporting activities.

Through their voluntary work, the people of Nittel contribute to a lively village life in a variety of ways. Thanks to the good infrastructure with nursery, primary school, medical care, pharmacy, savings bank, credit union, two bakers and also a supermarket with drugstore, Nittel is not only an attractive holiday location − it's a place where people want to live.

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In Nittel village bakery you can find all important information such as hiking maps and brochures as well as details of events in the region.