Nittel municipal administration

The municipality of Nittel with its districts of Rehlingen and Köllig has almost 2,825 inhabitants, making it one of the larger communities within the commune of Konz in the county of Trier-Saarburg.

Local mayor

Peter Leo Hein                
Im Hübelgarten 46, 54453 Nittel-Köllig
Tel. 0170 8515574

Consultatons with the mayor take place weekly in Nittel community centre (Bürgerhaus):

6–8 p.m.
Tel. 06584 1222

1st deputy

Arno Scheuer
Tel. 06584 952576

Rehlingen town leader

Martin Ewald
Im Burggarten 11
Tel. 06583 867 4430
Mobil 0176 820 821 90
E-Mail: martin.ewald[at]

Deputy Rehlingen town leader

Markus Biringer
Tel. 00352 691 400 471

Thomas Repplinger
E-Mail: repp87[at]

Köllig town leader

Lotta Mari-Anna Oittinen                  
Am grauen Stein 5
Tel. 06584 992116
E-Mail: lotta.oittinen[at]

Deputy Köllig town leader

Berthold Beck
Tel. 0171 8133 494

Marcus Hub
Tel. 06584 71 96

Municipal statistics

2,825 inhabitants (2022)
Köllig (approx. 160 inhabitants)
Rehlingen (approx. 190 inhabitants)
The municipality of Nittel has an area of 1,698 hectares.

Local councillors 2019–2024

Peter Bock (UBN)
Carina Curman (CDU)
Horst Frieden (FWG Nittel e.V.)
Kevin Kimmer (Wählerliste Kimmer)
Ines Krienke (SPD)
Barbara Leibold (FWG Nittel e.V.)
Dr. Timo Litzenberger (CDU)
Horst Longen (CDU)
Ingo Müller (UBN)
Gertrud Nau (CDU)
Hans-Josef Nau (SPD)
Lotta Mari-Anna Oittinen (FWG Nittel e.V.)
Thomas Repplinger (CDU)
Arno Scheuer (SPD)
Nico Sonntag (FWG Nittel e.V.)
Roland Steinbach (UBN)
Stefan Steinbach (SPD)
Hans Leo Weber (CDU)
Irmhild Wietor (Wählerliste Kimmer)
Patrick Zilliken (CDU)

Building committee
Audit committee
Budget and finance committee
Committee for Culture, Tourism and Economic Development

Meeting minutes and dates

Commune of Konz

Am Markt 11
54329 Konz
Tel. 06501 83-0

Consolidation contract for participation in the Rhineland-Palatinate Municipal Debt Relief Fund (KEF-RP) and the consolidation path (updated annually) for Nittel

Wetter in Nittel


Nittel Information

Zollstraße 1, 54453 Nittel


In Nittel village bakery you can find all important information such as hiking maps and brochures as well as details of events in the region.